So under the sink disorganization had been dogging me for quite some time. We’ve had some leaks over the past while, so that kind of prevented me from figuring out any kind of organization solution. I went away a couple weeks back and just before I left the right sink was super leaky, so my boyfriend replaced the gaskets for both sinks, so now they are leak-free (yay).

Perfect time to re-organize things underneath the sink. I had bought an under the sink organizer from Canadian Tire a while back for our small bathroom sink, and it worked out really well, so I got another one on sale (they occasionally go down to $6.99) and installed it in the kitchen.

But first I cleaned out the inside under the sink and got rid of a bunch of waterlogged supplies that went skunky as well as some cleaning supplies that were practically empty.

It’s not a perfect solution, but it’s pretty damned good for now. I can get to all the things without digging through the old pile of stuff. And if I find something better down the road, I can always disassemble and use it somewhere else in the house. I sometimes like to look under the sink to revel in my new kitchen neatness. One small kitchen battle won!